Major specializes in designing and manufacturing glass bottle , glass jar, and plastic cap & accessories for perfume & nail polish bottle .

Since 1986, TEX INNOVATION Industrial Co., Ltd. has devoted itself in the packaging industry for the cosmetic goods and foods. Starting from Taiwan, TEX INNOVATION has been supplying its delicate services & profound products to our customers all over the world, especially the international enterprises in the United States and Europe.

Specializing in the glass bottle, glass jar, and plastic cap & accessories for perfume and nail polish bottles, TEX INNOVATION is an experienced expert for design, manufacturing, assembling, and logistic. Besides, TEX INNOVATION is also capable to work together with our customers for research and development on advanced technology for manufacturing and edged design. TEX INNOVATION always stands with customers and helps customers to make a new idea practical in life; a real product with quality comes in their hands.

Customers name it, we make it.

When it comes to the logistic system, TEX INNOVATION has quite dynamic capability to response to customers' requests. We've been delivering our products to our customers around the world and assure the quality of delivery. We also have the flexibility of production arrangement to meet customers' urgent needs and demands.

Above all these characteristics of TEX INNOVATION, "quality" is the most important matter to TEX INNOVATION. Prompt responses, considerate services, advanced technology and manufacturing, dynamic logistic system all lead to our stable supply of high-quality products for our valued customers.

TEX INNOVATION core value is to make people's life more pleasant. We'd like people could appreciate the design of bottles when they are enjoying the scent of perfume, the time for skin care, nail polishing or even a meal. The pleasure is all around the corner as we pay a bit more attention in life. A nice design of bottle can light up a day. That's what TEX INNOVATION could bring to our customers and our customers' customers, satisfaction with pleasure.


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